Enfants à table restaurantBrasserie Le Français, une authentique ambiance brasserie incontournable de Bourg-en-Bresse depuis 1897. Un établissement dont le plafond est inscrit à l’Inventaire des Monuments Historiques perpétuant le bon goût à la française mais façon bressane. Volaille de Bresse, grenouilles, quenelles, Comté, Bleu de Bresse… vous retrouverez dans votre assiette toutes les spécialités de notre destination.
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Labels that recognise the good things in life

Our destination has labels, but not just any old labels.

Because we enjoy the good things in life, and good things should be awarded labels to guarantee a certain level of quality. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate a page just to our labels and short-circuits. We’ll help you understand the pretty pictograms and find out what they actually mean.


For our exceptional expert know-how

For these two labels, we rely on the services of the INAO, the Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité, which is a public organisation in France responsible for the official signs for identifying quality and origin (AOP, AOC, Label Rouge, etc.). The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO, and AOP in French) ‘stands for a product for which the principal steps for production are carried out following a well-established technique within the same geographical area, which gives the product its characteristics. It is a European symbol that protects the name of the product all over the European Union’.

We are lucky to have four PDOs in our territory. And they are most certainly worth discovering!

Controlled Designation of Origin (AOC)

The Controlled Designation of Origin (AOC) refers to ‘products meeting the criteria of the PDO and protects the denomination on the French territory’. It constitutes a step towards the PDO, to achieve Europe-wide recognition. Bugey Wines have this label.

It is the notion of soil (terroir) that is the basis of the concept of Designations of Origin – AO in French. A terroir is a specific geographical area where production takes its originality directly from the specific nature of its production area. According to the INAO: ‘Terroir is based on a system of interactions between a physical and biological environment, and a set of human factors within a space which a human community built during its history with a collective productive knowledge.  There are elements of originality and typicality of the product’. We can therefore confirm that this is one of the best labels to have.


PGI for the quality of our terroir

The Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) identify an ‘agricultural product, raw or processed, of which the quality, reputation or other characteristics are linked to its geographical origin’. The PGI applies to agricultural, food-processing and wine sectors.

The wines from the Coteaux de l’Ain and the farm poultry from the Ain are both recognised by the PGI label.

& Découvertes

Since 2009, a destination can be awarded a label related to its wine-tourism offer. This label is known as ‘Vignobles & Découvertes’ The goal is to showcase a complementary offer on the theme of wine (accommodation, restaurants, tours of wine cellars and tastings, museum, event, etc.), and to make it easier for visitors to plan their stay.

All about it

Etik’Table to encourage a responsible diet

The Etik-Table network was created in 2009 to promote producers who sell directly to consumers and artisans in the food industry who showcase local products. It also contributes to reinforcing and providing support to a local economy that cannot be relocated. In choosing to use local products from our destinations, in choosing seasonal products with farming and breeding practices that respect natural cycles, each and every one of us can act responsibly and limit our personal impact on the environment, while doing our part to support the local economic and social life in our region.


Saveurs de l’Ain,
a quality label

Locals of the department of Ain are proud of their products and used to a certain level of quality. The department of Ain, with its 9 AOC/PDO products, therefore developed its own label known as ‘Saveurs de l’Ain’, which has been awarded to over 280 professionals thanks to their local products and expert know-how. Producers, restaurants, distributors, people working in the food industry, events’ organisers are all passionately involved in this network of people who love their local area and good food.


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