Deux petites filles qui grignotent une tartine de pain avec du beurre de Bresse AOPDeux petites filles qui grignotent une tartine de pain avec du beurre de Bresse AOP
©Syndicat Creme Et Beurre De Bresse

One-of-a-kind Bresse cream and butter

The ultimate indulgence

Butter wouldn’t melt

Now for the crème de la crème, the very best of the churn, the PDO Bresse cream and butter. The heavy cream and double cream are oh so creamy. These are absolutely one-of-a-kind natural and seasonal products, made according to the farm tradition. This art of Bresse is carried on today by a cooperative and private dairy farm. They are showing that the production of cream and butter can be considered an art in its own right!

Beurre De BresseBeurre De Bresse Aop, la gourmandise a l'état pur ! Ain
©Beurre De Bresse Aop, la gourmandise a l'état pur !|syndicat Creme Et Beurre De Bresse

A creamy history

PDO Bresse Cream and Butter were once made individually on each farm, and over the years these products haven’t changed. The reason being that the environment pretty much hasn’t changed either. These products are made at the heart of Bresse, with the ideal climate, grassy meadows and corn so that the cows benefit from protected biodiversity and a rich and varied diet. You don’t need to be a farming expert to realise that this means their milk is of excellent quality, and therefore so are the end products: cream and butter.

Today, there are only two dairy farms that are authorised to make these products: the Beurrerie Coopérative d’Etrez-Foissiat, the Laiterie d’Etrez and the Laiterie de Bresse in Varennes-Saint-Sauveur.

Global recognition

Thanks to the controlled manufacturing methods and top-quality production,
these products have made a name for themselves over time. Gold, silver and bronze medals,
we have lost count of the number of prizes these products have won at the Paris International Agricultural Show.
An impressive list of prizes under their belt!

Used by all the best chefs

As opposed to some top-quality products that are not necessarily accessible for all budgets, PDO Bresse Cream and Butter are products of choice for people like you and me, those who simply like cooking with good products, and also for some of the greatest names in the French culinary industry. We are of course talking about Chef Georges Blanc, but also François Perret, the Best Restaurant Pastry Chef in the world for 2019, originally from Polliat.


Our recipes

Comté cheese is just like the advertising slogan for a famous French brand of pork cured sausage: ‘it can be eaten at any time of day’ (if you’re under the age of thirty, you’ll find this reference online under the French version ‘il n’y a pas d’heure pour en manger’). As a pre-dinner snack, with brunch, as a starter, as part of a main course, it’s the ideal product to add an original touch to your dishes.