marchéjour de marché à Treffort, succombez aux produits locaux
©jour de marché à Treffort, succombez aux produits locaux |Morgane MONNERET

Local markets

Tastes, colours, scents, textures, atmosphere… all your senses will be awakened.

A gourmet destination such as ours owes it to the people to organise markets like these.

A market is a special place, a blend of colours and fragrances, a sort of symphony, a place filled with different voices, a place of new discoveries and encounters. Here, it’s a real institution!

Greengrocers, bakers, butchers, cheesemongers, beekeepers, florists… sometimes even individual farmers selling extra products left over from their gardens, this is the perfect place to enjoy the riches of our terroir. We recommend taking your time exploring the various market stalls, and chat to the producers.

Get ready to fill your baskets!

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