Rocher du JarbonnetRocher du Jarbonnet
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Here and nowhere else

Come to this authentic land

People often think that our destination is simply a place to eat good chicken, corn and see the Royal Monastery of Brou, but it is so much more than that. These highlights may be delicious and well worth seeing, but they are merely a small part of the wealth on offer. So for all those who are curious to find out more, for those who love this place, their homeland, for those who were born here but grew up elsewhere, let’s banish these preconceptions and explore a unique, authentic and accessible land together. A lively destination with so many must-sees and treasures.


Why make things complicated when they can be so simple? It’s true, what other word could we use to encourage you to come to explore our destination? Our destination is the same size as the Caribbean island of Martinique, but instead of the rum and the beaches, there are so many other sights to see.

Our guided tours

Walking tours and tastings in the vineyards, tours of farms, meeting the craftspeople, hiking, visiting our villages, behind-the-scenes at our events, atypical visits and so much more. To find out all there is to know about our destination, we have a great programme of guided tours, available all year round.

From one discovery to the next

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