Vélo en familleTour du grand lac de Montrevel-en-Bresse à vélo. Ain.
©Tour du grand lac de Montrevel-en-Bresse à vélo. Ain.|Morgane MONNERET
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Cycling between Bresse and Revermont

Try cycling once and you’ll never go back!

Greenway cycle path, waymarked trails, as a family, alone or with friends, the best way to explore our destination is by bike. Ride along the winding paths of Bresse, along rivers and past windmills, ride over the little mountain of Revermont, and through the Brou district of Bourg-en-Bresse. With the wind on your cheeks.

Explore our destination along the cycle paths

Explore the area by bike, come and meet the locals, craftspeople and winegrowers or just ride around at your own pace and enjoy the wide-open spaces. Everyone chooses what they want to see, at their own pace. Here is a selection of unmissable places to visit.

Our cycling itineraries

Explore our destination in complete freedom and safety, along our waymarked cycle paths


a labeled destination

The label “Accueil vélo”

The first accommodation to be awarded the “Accueil vélo” label in the Grand Bourg Agglomération.

The label Territoire vélo

Découvrez la France à vélo avec veloenfrance.fr.

Des circuits adaptés aux 2 roues, des hébergements conçus pour les vélos, un réseau de cycl’hôtes pour séjourner et voyager partout en France.

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