Elina Camus Benb©jp Poupon Arcom Design (3)Elina, sur les toits de Camus au centre-ville de Bourg-en-Bresse
©Un indien dans la Ville, Elina Cadou, chanteuse prend la pose sur le balcon de Camus au coeur de ville de Bourg-en-Bresse|Jean Pierre Poupon - Arcom Design


urban spirit

A modestly-sized capital with an easy-going, no fuss atmosphere

A capital pronounced with a K

Bourg-en-Bresse is neither too big nor too small, and so is ideal for a weekend away with friends or family, to enjoy the carefree atmosphere. The locals, known as ‘burgiens’ in French, particularly enjoy the little gardens, the easy-going summer atmosphere on the sunny terraces, the wide range of cultural activities and of course the great restaurants. Oh and don’t forget, it is pronounced BourK, not BourG, and especially not Bour!

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6 good reasons to come to Bourg-en-Bresse

We could have given you even more but the number 6 symbolises perfection. There you go, that says it all !

1- A one-of-a-kind atmosphere and art-de-vivre

4 – Admire the French version of the Taj Mahal

Royal Monastery of Brou

The name comes across as a bit pompous but if you go on to read these few lines then it has served its purpose. The Royal Monastery of Brou is a must-see of our destination. It was Princess Margaret of Austria who ordered the construction of this masterpiece in a flamboyant Gothic style, and work began in 1506. A one-of-a-kind monument in France, built in tribute to one man, Prince Philibert the Handsome.

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