Ferme bressaneFerme bressane, patrimoine bressan. La ferme de l'Anoz est encore habitée à Saint-Jean-sur-Reyssouze. Ain.
©Ferme de l'Anoz à Saint-Jean-sur-Reyssouze. Ain.|Pierre JAYET


a charming plain

Farms, mills, woodland… The ultimate charm of the French countryside

A destination centred around its terroir and fantastic encounters

The Bresse countryside is the absolute portrayal of rural France.

Nowadays, we tend to go about our day at a hundred miles an hour. Bresse can offer you the complete opposite of that, a lush-green destination that is a far cry from the frenzy of the big cities. Don’t get us wrong, Bresse also has a tenacious character, which is actually what makes it such a charming destination.

Mysterious farms of Bresse

The farms of Bresse feature half-timbered façades filled in with cob, and can be recognised by their elongated shape, north-south facing, with a large porch on the side that the sun sets. The most unique feature is most definitely the mysterious Saracen chimneys, that can still be seen today on around thirty farms in the area.

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Bresse poultry, the star product

Bresse poultry is for our gastronomy what the Royal Monastery of Brou is for our heritage: unmissable. It is the only chicken in the world to be recognised under a PDO, and its quality is thanks to the breeders. Behind this symbolic brand are the men and women ensuring that the unique know-how, a blend of tradition and the love of a job well done, continues.

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All about an extraordinary breeder…

Vincent Guillermin is originally from Courmangoux and he came back to his home region in 2016. He wanted to try and shake things up a bit for Bresse poultry. He is dynamic and passionate about his profession, bringing a fresh new perspective to a field that had previously been living in the shadows.

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Flavours of Bresse

Our destination is well-known for its great food, and this reputation is partly thanks to Bresse. There are so many delicious local flavours to try, in all seasons. Cream, butter, cheese, saffron, ‘gaudes’, hops, jam, etc.

The cuisine here is hearty, delicious and the locals pour their heart and soul into it. Bon appétit !

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Bresse woodland

Folklore and traditions

Folklore in Bresse is firmly rooted in local history. Not to the great historic events, but rather to the everyday rituals and traditions of our ancestors, that are still a big part of everyday life for us now in the 21st century. Our territory is attached to its traditions and making sure they are kept alive.


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La Plaine Tonique, an exciting place between land and water

A unique leisure complex with a 95-hectare lake suitable for swimming, a sandy beach, a water park and a picnic area. In total, there are more than twenty activities available, either on the water or on dry land. The added bonus, making this an all-round holiday destination, is a 4-star campsite with mobile homes, cottages, tipis, camping pitches and safari-style tents, catering facilities and entertainment.

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