PanoramaPanorama drone. Haute Vallée de l'Ain - Gorges de l'Ain : Site remarquable d’un point de vue écologique, géologique et paysager. Constitué d’un vaste périmètre comprenant la rivière d’Ain, sur plus de 25 km, le viaduc de Cize-Bolozon, la base de loisirs de l’île Chambod et le site des empreintes de dinosaures
©Panorama des Gorges de l'Ain|MORGANE MONNERET
The refreshing

Ain Gorges

A river with no waves but a refreshing breeze.

A river runs through it

Despite the title, it is not the 90s and we are not in Montana with Brad Pitt, we are in the Ain Gorges around twenty kilometres east of Bourg-en-Bresse, and the Revermont mountains.

These gorges are wild but easily accessible, and are the ideal place to cool off in the summer or stretch your legs all year round. On the programme as you explore this beautiful place, still largely unknown by the public, you can expect hiking, canoeing, swimming, heritage sites and even prehistory.

Ile Chambod, leisure activities and relaxation

There are countless activities to enjoy at this 20-hectare leisure complex with its clear waters flowing down from the mountains: paddle-boarding, canoeing, pedalo boats, fishing, etc., the restaurant ‘Le Carbet’ and evening concerts in the summer, the beach for a refreshing swim (with a lifeguard in July and August), water games for the little ones, and shaded areas for a well-deserved afternoon nap. Welcome to Ile Chambod leisure complex.


You’re guaranteed a change of scenery in this natural environment, just 30 minutes away from Bourg-en-Bresse. And if you feel like staying here a while longer, there’s a 3-star campsite, Camp’île Chambod, just a few metres away! What could be better than that?

All about it

One of the most beautiful rivers in France

The river Ain is a right bank tributary of the Rhône. It has shaped the valley between Revermont and Bugey in a karst landscape of limestone rocks where the water has actually created a whole underground network. It is probably one of the most beautiful rivers in France due to the charm and variety of landscapes all around it. It runs into gorges surrounded by staggering limestone cliffs, with surrounding vegetation that could even make you think you are on the Mediterranean coast.


Unspoilt natural environment

The Ain Gorges are unique thanks to the countless natural curiosities there.

Outdoor sports

There are so many outdoor sports you can do in the gorges. Make sure you’ve got all the necessary equipment for budding explorers as yourselves: your fishing rods, paddles, hiking boots, backpack, water bottle and the summer essentials, cap/sunglasses/sunscreen. Then you’ll be ready to explore this unspoilt terrain, on land or on the water, where only Mother Nature makes up the rules.

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