Moment détenteMoment de détente avec vue sur les Gorges de l'Ain. Le Mont Balvay surplombe la rivière d'Ain.
©Moment de détente avec vue sur les Gorges de l'Ain.|MORGANE MONNERET

Surprising moments

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Surprising moments between Bresse and Revermont

Bourg-en-Bresse Destinations is not just a territory between Lyon, Geneva and the Jura Mountains. It is also a surprising destination. Go for a walk with a lama through the Bresse woodland. Treat yourself to a sporty experience at the entrance to Seillon Forest. Let off some steam and get your hips moving (in complete safety of course). Let your mind wander as you admire a menhir, dinosaur fossils or a motte-and-bailey castle. Enjoy a concert in the cloister of Brou royal monastery.

Are you surprised yet ? Let’s see.

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Our neighbours are just as surprising. Don’t hesitate to pay them a visit while you’re here. Don’t forget to tell them we said “hello”!


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