Aurélien Beyeklian est vigneron dans le vignoble du Revermont. Découvrez son quotidien dans un portrait par l'Office de TourismeAurélien Beyeklian est vigneron dans le vignoble du Revermont. Découvrez son quotidien dans un portrait par l'Office de Tourisme

Aurélien Beyeklian

La Cuverie - Revonnas

All about a passionate winegrower !

La Cuverie is run by a passionate winegrower of Bugey-Cerdon wines in the Revermont, who, after travelling all over the world, came back to his homeland to promote the wines that he loves so much.

Come and meet him with us.

PortraitMédaillé d'or du Concours International Gilbert et Gaillard 88/100 pour son Cerdon. Cerdon à base de Gamay et Poulsard, mais aussi vin rouge, blanc et rosé, jus de raisin pétillant et cidre de raisin 100% bio. Aurélien Beyeklian propriétaire de La Cuverie au 160 rue de la tour Déaul à Revonnas dans le Revermont. Ain.
©Aurélien Beyeklian - La Cuverie
Aurélien Beyeklian

We met Aurélien Beyeklian during the grape harvest of 2020. This new-generation winegrower and owner of La Cuverie in Revonnas told us about his two passions for wine and the Revermont region...

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Aurélien Beyeklian

Aurélien Beyeklian started out as a radio journalist in England, then he worked for a communications agency in Canada and after that, did some training with the Red Cross and lived in Asia for a while. When he was approaching the age of 40, he wanted to get back to his roots and live by the two passions in his life: wine and the Revermont region.

A passionate winegrower

Which wines do you produce? Mainly Cerdon, made from Gamay and Poulsard. I also produce red wine, white and rosé. Today, I have 1.5 hectares of vines, and produce 10,000 bottles of Cerdon a year. All organic.

What is special about Bugey wines? The diversity of the grape varieties. There are more than ten, including Chardonnay, Altesse, Molette and Jacquère for white wine. There are also several different methods of making Bugey wine. The ancestral and traditional methods for sparkling wines and still wines (red, white or rosé).

What can you say about your 2020 harvest? It was a success. We had a very dry spring, which is ideal for the vines. The rain at the end of August was also beneficial because it made the grapes much juicier.

Recognised by the Vignobles & Découvertes label

The French Vignobles & Découvertes label was created in 2009 and is awarded to destinations offering an all-round and top-quality experience centred around the vineyard. La Cuverie and the Fascinant Week-end are just two examples of opportunities for winegrowers, those working in restaurants or the accommodation sector, event organisers, leisure activity service providers and heritage sites to share their expertise and knowledge of the AOC Bugey.

A new-generation winegrower

What qualities do you need to be a winegrower today?  Perseverance because you’ll experience a lot of setbacks, and you also have to be multi-skilled. You also need to be a people-person, to be able to market your wines successfully.

Someone you met who made an impression on you? The Bret brothers while I was training. They taught me to give meaning to my wines, by respecting the environment and the planet. Not to mention Marcel Perinet, Daniel Gallet, Roland Folliat and Gabin Grobon who convinced me that here in Gravelles, we could create something unique, together.

A Bugey wine-food match you recommend? Monkfish curry served with a white Altesse vintage wine! The Altesse grape variety brings a spicy note and is quite sour, which is perfect to counter the creamy nature of the monkfish curry. It’s delicious!

Is there a place or an activity in the area that you are particularly fond of?  Mountain biking in the Revermont! It is paradise for this still largely unknown activity. It’s the perfect place for biking, with the trails, accessible uphill and downhill sections and there are some amazing views!

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To be consumed in moderation.

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