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Dombes Frogs’ Legs

Dombes Frogs’ Legs

Frogs’ legs were a popular delicacy in the Middle Ages, and are today one of the icons of French gastronomy. Frogs’ legs can be enjoyed in so many ways, for example in a stew, in breadcrumbs, or fried in butter.

All about the batrachians

These species were found in Dombes, for a long time, in the many ponds close to Bourg-en-Bresse, but they have become quite rare. It is now forbidden in France to collect frogs on public property, however this is authorised for a limited period between the 1st and 31st July, only for personal consumption. It is however carefully controlled, to protect the local populations of these species. As for the varieties, you should know that not all frogs are edible. You can only eat the European tree frog and the common frog.

Consumers of frogs’ legs

In an effort to make sure this tradition doesn’t disappear in France, Pierre François, frog breeder in the Drôme is one of the only ones to supply restaurants and fishmongers with his frogs. He runs an industrial farm, the only one in France.

There are so many ways to eat frogs’ legs in France, including in soup, fried, breaded, but the most popular preparation is most definitely the Dombes-style! The tender, fleshy meat is delicious when served with garlic and parsley. An absolute treat!


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