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‘Gaudes’, showcasing roasted corn flour

Corn for everyone!

In Bresse, there is a lot of focus on the famous volaille, in the world of gastronomy of course, but it doesn’t stop there. The landscapes and farming practices have also been influenced by this historic product.

That is how corn began to appear at the end of the 17th century, and then developed throughout the 18th century, used to improve the diet for the chickens and therefore becoming a traditional product. The chickens may feed on the corn, but why not the local people too?

Do you fancy a ladleful of ‘gaude’ ?

Roasted corn flour mixed with water and boiled for a long time on the fire. This ochre-coloured thick soup was usually enjoyed with a delicious glass of cold milk, poured onto the hot galette. It was certainly filling, but delicious! This culinary practice is what earned the people of Bresse the nickname ‘ventre jaunes’ (yellow bellies). Unless it was because of the trend of carrying their gold coins sewn at the waist. Everyone has their theory.

‘Gaude’ cornflour today

Today this practice has become quite rare, replaced by modern eating habits. But there are still a few bakeries selling this precious flour. We highly recommend going to the bakery/biscuit factory Les Gaudélices in Tossiat. Taste their ‘Gaudrioles’, little biscuits made with ‘gaude’ cornflour.

They are delicious, whether you choose the sweet or savoury versions!


Soucieux de la tradition lyonnaise, les Gaudélices ont mis au point une nouvelle recette en hommage à la mère Bizolon. Née à Coligny, Clotilde Bizolon est une personnalité lyonnaise qui consacra une partie de sa vie au soutien des soldats de la Première Guerre mondiale en leur proposant des repas.

Take some of Bresse home to your own kitchen

In the farms in winter, we like it when the scents of bygone days fill the air. And maybe you’re not aware of this fact but the people of Bresse are really creative. Several recipes have been concocted using cornflour, ‘gaudrioles’ and other delicious treats. Our top tip: it also makes a great alternative to breadcrumbs! A great way to take a touch of Bresse home to your own kitchen. Will you let us know what you do with it?


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