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Maison Moissonnier, a unique style

Is Bourg-en-Bresse the capital of luxury, modern furniture ? Of course not, but there is one particular local talent in that field: the Moissonnier woodwork workshop.

And a myth was born

Maison Moissonnier is a reference in the art of woodwork, and has been upholding this fantastic expertise since 1885. Back then, Bourg-en-Bresse was at the heart of a territory that was abundant with wood. Oak, pearwood, walnut and cherry wood. Emile Moissonnier, a talented sculptor and painter, decided to set up shop here. He opened his carpentry workshop on the 21st April 1885. He lived next door to his workshop, at 67 Avenue Maginot. He specialised in Renaissance-style furniture.

The beginning of their success story

His children, Gabriel and Paul both inherited his artistic skills. They took over the family business and the workshop quickly transformed when a factory was built in 1946 on the other side of the avenue. This was the beginning of their success story. Their excellent reputation even made it across the Atlantic, and they were asked to work for the famous New York Bloomingdale’s stores.

A signature was born

The next generation specialised in making classic pieces but with their own unique added twist. His technique of adding his contemporary touch to ancient pieces was an immediate success. They broadened their range of colours, introduced a variety of shapes and created their own unique style. A signature was born!

A Burgian address out of sight

A local establishment, far from prying eyes

Maison Moissonnier, a unique style. Bourg-en-Bresse. 

Maison Moissonnier is keeping this precious know-how alive, while adding a touch of modernity.

The facades on Avenue Maginot don’t particularly stand out. They blend in with the other buildings throughout the town. You’re in for some unexpected surprises!  Because this is where you’ll find the heart and soul of the company, this is really where the daring, yet traditional pieces of furniture are created thanks to some rare know-how, including marquetry, sculpture, patina, and gold leafing. You might begin to see the outlines of surprising and unique collections, you may see for example an 18th century piece of furniture with a hot pink finish!  And so many other one-of-a-kind creations, including dressers, sideboards, tables, console tables, chairs, anything that is involved in interior decoration really.

Even today, this brand still strives to use French trees for building their furniture. Imagine how proud the founder, Emile Moissonnier, would be to see that his company now bears the ‘Living Heritage Company’ label and works with some of the greatest establishments across the globe.

Occasionally, the company opens its workshop to the public. A timeless, rare moment, much like their creations. Don’t hesitate to check the calendar to see if an open day is coming up. Places are extremely limited.

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