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The historic

ancient districts of Bourg-en-Bresse

The town’s fascinating past can be witnessed thanks to the medieval houses, private manors and monuments, parks and toponymy in the town centre.

Learn all about the history of Bourg-en-Bresse

Bourg-en-Bresse has a fascinating history to unveil. The Middle Ages is without a doubt the era that has left the most noticeable mark here. That means that the monuments of this period have managed to stand the test of time and have left a lasting mark on the town, starting with its circular layout.

Half-timbered houses

The wooden houses are the most visible features. The upper floors are built in a corbelled construction that spans several streets. Go and see them with your own eyes. Some perfect examples are the Demeure Hugon on Rue Gambetta, and the Maison Gorrevod on Rue du Palais, both listed as historic monuments, and the Maison du Vieux Bourg on Rue Jules Migonney.

Church of Notre-Dame and the Black Madonna

The town’s oldest monument features a Gothic-style arch, a sign of its significant religious past (former Dominican convent). Most convents are no longer standing today but the high, remarkable, white silhouette of the historic church of Notre-Dame (early 16th century – late 17th century) still stands proudly. The locals of Bourg-en-Bresse are proud of this monument which dates back to the cult of the Black Madonna, the town’s patron saint.

Beautiful manors

In the 18th century, green promenades and noble manor houses made from stone, sometimes extracted from local quarries, were created all over the town.  The Hôtel de Bohan, Hôtel Cabuchet and the most lavish one, the Hôtel Marron de Meillonnas, are evidence of cultural life in this town.

Haussmannian Avenue

From 1857, the plumes of steam coming from the railway tracks could be seen from the Plateau district. In 1895, a Haussmannian Avenue was built to connect the new districts of Plateau and Bel-Air, to the old town. It was in fact the wide Avenue Alsace Lorraine and its elegant stone buildings that transformed the narrow, winding streets of the medieval town.

Wander around at your own pace and take in the atmosphere of the various periods throughout history as you explore this beautiful town, established in its own right.

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