concertConcert au monastère royal de Brou, Festival « A la folie… pas du tout ! », un festival hors norme à Bourg-en-Bresse. Ain
©Concert au monastère royal de Brou, Festival « A la folie… pas du tout ! », un festival hors norme à Bourg-en-Bresse. Ain|S. Tournier La Belle Rencontre

festival, ‘A la folie… pas du tout!’

The next one will be held in summer 2023

for thrilling jazz, world music, classical music and electro evenings!

Magical festival

In the summer in Bourg-en-Bresse, music fills the air. This festival is a much-awaited event.

It is called ‘A la folie… pas du tout!’  The festival represents everything we love about Bourg-en-Bresse Destinations: an eclectic programme, a modestly sized event and a magical venue.


An entirely different tune

We know this venue oh so well.

It’s the number one monument of Bourg-en-Bresse: the Royal Monastery of Brou. The concerts are held in the second cloister, the meditation cloister. It is bigger than the first one that we have to cross through to get there, but both of them have the same refined and harmonious style. The multicoloured lights are projected onto the arches, creating a warm, beautiful atmosphere. Comfortably seated, we are whisked away by the music and magical starry sky.


And an affordable price to boot…

If you have never visited the Royal Monastery of Brou, which has so much more to offer besides the magnificent cloisters, as there is also a mausoleum with three Royal tombs decorated with lavish sculptures, the concert is even included in the price of the entrance ticket for the monument (visiting on the same day).


Feedback from a guide

Anyone who has been to this festival will tell you how amazing it was. In 2020 for example, Denise, our guide, came with her family to see some previously unknown artists.  Lucky thing! She chose to go and see Hussam Aliwat because she’s a fan of musicians who combine various different influences. Talented oud player. His music is influenced by eastern roots, with a touch of jazz and rock. He is one of those musicians whose talent will leave you speechless. You’ll be blown away!

At the Royal Monastery of Brou, you can come and meet the musician after the concert if you want. You can thank him for the concert and leave with a spring in your step. ‘A la folie… pas du tout!’ is also a festival for more well-known artists. One of Denise’s favourites: Jeanne Cherhal wearing a glittery outfit at her grand piano. A rainy day. In the nave of the church in front of the superb rood screen. Seeing her playing long introductions on the piano, her seamless voice singing the beautiful lyrics, talking to the audience with humour… It was an unforgettable evening.

So fancy meeting at the festival this summer ?


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