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Folklore and traditions

A bond with history

When we hear the word folklore, we are whisked away to a colourful and happy place Could we be a bit old-fashioned perhaps? If that’s how you imagine our territory, we’ve got news for you. Because here at Bourg-en-Bresse Destinations, folklore is above-all about a bond with history. Not necessarily with the great historic events, but rather with the everyday rituals and traditions of our ancestors, that are still a big part of everyday life for us now in the 21st century.

Awaken your inner child

For a long time, Bresse was self-sufficient within its surrounding woodland, and as such, it forged a strong identity. Still today, the colourful costumes can be seen twirling to the rhythm of the vielle during festive events. There are several groups who ensure that these traditions are kept alive, through song and dance and the original Franco-Provencal dialects that were different from one village to the next.  It’s a surprising sight to see these young people swap their jeans and trainers for formal costumes on the day of the traditional banquet. Before the pop-electro-rap music is played at the end of the evening, they take part in the dancing procession with their purple, green or blue, white and red ribbons, depending on their age. What can we say about the ‘Fêtes des Classes’, much-awaited events of the social calendar that bring countless villages of the region alive. Those still here and the dearly departed come together for a day of celebrations. We didn’t wait for Facebook to recreate the class photo !

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