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Ferme de la Forêt

Treasure of the Haute-Bresse

The Ferme de la Forêt in Courtes is the treasure of the Haute-Bresse, a mere stone’s throw from the historic town of Saint-Trivier-de-Courtes. The farm has now become a museum, while remaining perfectly authentic, as we’re sure you’ll agree. It will soon be whisked into the 21st century thanks to some brand-new restoration work and set design.

For now, you’ll be amazed by the charm of the place, in a rural setting.  If you have already explored Bresse, you’ll recognise the traditional architecture using wood and earth (half-timbering, cob and brick). But as you’ve guessed, this farm is unlike any other.

A one-of-a-kind heritage site

You’ve won’t notice it straight away, but something isn’t quite right… Have a look at the volume of the building. Yes, that’s it, half of it is missing! So what happened here to cause this? Walk around the farm and you’ll get a clue. A strange looking well with a double crank handle… You’ll find the answer on one of the guided tours of this site.

A special place with a special atmosphere

Look carefully, the Ferme de la Forêt has a special feature that gives it a very specific charm. That’s right, it’s the balcony with wooden railings. It is believed to have been a sign of wealth. The farm was originally a two-storey house, just like the manor houses of that time. Come closer. There’s a bike propped up near the front door, the pantry is full, the corn kernels are still attached to the cobs. You’ll feel the urge to knock on the window or on the heavy wooden door. Because the warm and inviting atmosphere at this farm makes you think someone still lives here. Inside, the ‘house’ is furnished with the bare minimum, laid out around the majestic fireplace.

There is also a collection of farming equipment and a vegetable garden to visit here.

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A Bresse farm with a story to tell

Are you ready to sit at the table and listen to the story of the farm ?
We recommend coming on one of the tours or workshops organised throughout the season.
Sometimes there is even an association there, to show you the long-forgotten
professions and know-how of bygone days.

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