Ferme du SougeyLe Sougey est un très ancien domaine agricole bressan, dont les 35 ha de bocage proposent aujourd'hui une ferme classée (1460) et aménagée en musée du terroir, un élevage de volailles de Bresse et une production de légumes Bio. Elle possède une cheminée sarrasine, des dépendances, un four et un puits, un potager, un verger conservatoire. La Ferme Du Sougey accueille des événements, expositions et jeux.
©La Ferme du Sougey dans l’Ain, l'une des plus anciennes fermes à colombages de Bresse (XVème siècle).|JP Poupon Arcom Design

Ferme du Sougey

Both Typical and Atypical

In the village of Montrevel-en-Bresse, down a little footpath, go down a dirt track. At the end, you’ll come face to face with a picture-perfect sight. One of the most ancient of the Bresse farms with its wooden structure, typical tiled roof, a well and the so-called ‘Saracen’ chimney. Sougey Farm is a rare specimen. The square design of the Baroque-style cowl (top of the chimney) is proof of that. The entire estate around Sougey Farm is completely authentic, with outbuildings, stables, ovens, still standing in the original 35-hectare wooded grounds that are now protected and classified as a Sensitive Natural Area (ENS).

A journey into the past

Push open the front door. Your eyes will need to adjust to the dark atmosphere and little by little, you’ll start to see the old-fashioned detailing around the huge fireplace. Then, go exploring around the farm. Follow the nature trail which will also take you to see a Bresse poultry farm nearby. Buildings, century-old trees, meadows… can you picture yourself in the shoes of a farmer of Bresse?

Maria, Sougey’s famous storyteller could have helped you. The owner, who passed away in the year 2000 at the age of 88, loved to talk about the history of the farm, and we hope that her soul will live on through her successors.

Plus d’infos sur la ferme du Sougey

In the spotlight

This is a job for the ‘Amis du Sougey’ (Friends of Sougey) association.  They organise many tours throughout the season. All year round, they open the doors to the whole estate for various events. Every three years, in July, Sougey Farm is the venue for one of the greatest evening shows in the region.

‘La Maria’ as she was known locally, was also delighted to welcome people into her home.

Let’s carry on respecting her wishes. A peaceful and authentic getaway for everyone.

From discovery to discovery

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