Circuit n°1 - Sous le charme bressan

Under the Bresse charm (southern loop)

Sport, Pedestrian sports, Hiking itinerary in Montrevel-en-Bresse
16.0 km
  • Starting from Montrevel-en-Bresse, leave for a long loop on the paths and roads of Bresse. Short stop at the pond of the Marais and in front of the Bresse manor of the Charme.

  • Rediscover here and there the "charrières" (paths) of the Bresse region in the past.
    To see: the Saint-Pierre Chanel church and the Oceanic Museum of Cuet, the manor of the Charme (end of the 15th century) on the northern loop, the pond of the Marais on the great loop.

    Pedestrian circuit n°1 (southern loop)
    ATTENTION : Crossing of the RD 28 in two places.

    Northern loop : 7 km - 2h
    South loop 16 km - 5 h