Balade LamasDécouverte et balade avec les lamas et alpagas à Saint-Didier d’Aussiat. Après quelques conseils, vous partirez pour une promenade tranquille. Vous conduirez les lamas et alpagas à la longe par des sentiers entre prés, bois dont une partie sur l’ancienne voie romaine reliant Bourg-en-Bresse et Mâcon.
©Les Lamas de Johnny à Saint-Didier d'Aussiat. Ain.|Morgane MONNERET

Walking a lama in the Bresse woodland

Yes, it’s a possibility!

Les lamas de Johnny

There are some activities that we would never even dream of, and yet they exist. Are you looking for something original to do as a family? You’re in the right place.

Walking with a lama

In Saint-Didier d’Aussiat. 20 km north west of Bourg-en-Bresse, Didier Donin de Rosiere invites you to come on a guided walk with his llamas and alpacas which are similar to llamas but slightly smaller. These animals originate from Peru, and are soft and gentle camelid species. When Didier started his company in 2020, he chose a rather original name: Les Lamas de Johnny. This name is the perfect combination of his two passions for lamas and Johnny Hallyday.

A little touch of South America

Before the walk, Didier gives a brief presentation of what to expect, and some top tips. Hello, Nepal, Hip-Hop, Hilliko and Hyatus are waiting for you in the one-hectare grounds. Don’t stand behind a llama, let them stop to graze during the walk, nothing too complicated, until we come to talk about the llama’s reputation. This image that immediately comes to mind. Didier doesn’t beat about the bush. “Llamas will usually only spit at other llamas, but accidents can happen!”  After this briefing, we can begin our walk. A 4-km loop from Didier’s premises, for around 2 hours depending on your pace.

A great time and laughter guaranteed

An atypical, calming and refreshing experience, especially in the summer. Didier will guide you into the woods behind his property, along with your new furry friends. In the spring, you might be lucky enough to come across some lily of the valley to pick. A unique adventure which is guaranteed to make the whole family smile.

The perfect experience for children

Lamas walk at the same pace as children, and will never bump into them. They will happily just walk alongside them. As opposed to horses, you cannot ride a llama, but Didier gives the little ones the opportunity for a quick souvenir photo on Hip-Hop, the friendliest llama’s back.

There is no season in particular for this activity. Didier and his llamas will be delighted to welcome you all year round. For the perfect ending to this experience, you can stay for an afternoon snack on Didier’s premises surrounded by your new friends!

A little touch of South America in the Bresse woodland.

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Price: 10 € / adult – 5 € / child
Time: about 2 hours
Distance: about 4.5 km