Le chef Georges Blanc et l'éleveur Cyril Degulaire autour d'un poulet de Bresse AOC. Infos auprès de votre office de tourisme Bourg en bresse destinations.Trio : Georges Blanc et Cyril Degluaire autour de la volaille de Bresse AOP en plein air en Bresse dans l'Ain à Vonnas
©Georges Blanc et Cyril Degluaire autour de la Volaille de Bresse AOP en plein air en Bresse dans l'Ain à Vonnas|Massimo RIPANI
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PortraitPortrait Georges Blanc. Georges Blanc est un cuisinier étoilé au guide Michelin, ambassadeur de la gastronomie bressane
©Portrait de Georges Blanc, cuisiné étoilé à Vonnas. Ain.
Georges Blanc

Georges Blanc is a chef with 3 Michelin stars.

He loves
  • Cooking
  • Local products
  • Good wine


Georges Blanc

Here’s a spotlight on this traditional yet innovative chef, born in Bourg-en-Bresse, whose establishment has been Michelin-starred for over 90 years, a record in France.

3 Michelin stars

He is one of the few chefs to have been awarded three Michelin stars, with 29 referenced establishments in France in 2020, and the chef is currently working his magic in his restaurant in Vonnas.

Find out all about Georges Blanc thanks to these 10 questions

Your main personality trait? Determination
Your best culinary memory? The day I was awarded my third star, 3rd March 1981
The dish of your childhood? Chicory and ham, with my mother’s homemade cream
Your favourite foreign speciality? Couscous
A chef who inspired you? Frédy Giradet
Your favourite book? Comment se faire des amis? by Dale Camegie
Your guilty pleasure? Crème caramel with vanilla.
Your favourite season? Summer
A place you like to go to unwind? Ramatuelle in the Var
Your motto? « “Sans passion, point d’élévation” (No progress is made without passion). ».

Ambassador of our region

Georges Blanc is a true ambassador of French cuisine, and is one of the icons of our region. He is a passionate chef, and very quickly made a name for himself at this family-run establishment, in keeping with Bresse traditions.

I’m going to

Village Blanc

Place du Marché, 01540 Vonnas

    Recette du Chef

Bresse chicken with cream, Blanc’s grandmother style

For 6 people

  • 1 Bresse PDO chicken of about 1.8 kg
  • 150 g of Bresse PDO butter
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons of flour
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 38 cl of Bresse PDO cream
  • 1 lemon
  • Aromatic garnish: a whole onion studded with a clove, a peeled clove of garlic, a small sprig of thyme, ½ green bay leaf, salt and pepper.

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Working with local products
Sharing expert know-how
Offering unique cuisine and excellent quality