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Quenelle Giraudet

What else ?

And then there were ‘quenelle’ dumplings!

Come and investigate in our town of  Bourg-en-Bresse. You’ll see that whoever you ask about the name ‘Giraudet’, will automatically reply with: Bresse ‘quenelles’ dumplings of course! Let’s give credit where credit is due. The original recipe was created by Joseph Moyne, a restaurant owner in Bresse in 1880. He created a more noble version of the ‘quenelle’ dumpling, made with durum wheat and butter, rather than flour and fat. In 1910, Henri Giraudet took over this delicious recipe.

cuisinequenelle Giraudet Bourg-en-Bresse
©quenelle Giraudet Bourg-en-Bresse|Giraudet

The beginning of a gourmet adventure

It was the beginning of a lengthy history for Maison Giraudet, recognised today as a ‘Living Heritage Company’, along with Maison Jeanvoine and Maison Moissonnier. The manufacturing procedure may be mechanical today, but the same traditional steps are still respected to the letter. Maison Giraudet’s star product is their artisanal ‘quenelle’ dumpling formed using a spoon. The traditional method gives the famous dumplings their specific shape.

Mrs Quenelle couldn’t be in better company

We recommend paying a visit to the shop in the town center of Bourg-en-Bresse, on Rue Maréchal Joffre. That’s where you’ll find a wide range of these melt-in-the-mouth little oblong-shaped delights. These ladies have pulled all the stops out just for you. You’ll find Mrs Cranberry sprinkled in shards of red, Mrs Saffron and her sunny ensemble, Mrs Nature in immaculate white or Mrs ‘Grande Classe’, the pike dumpling with squid ink, dressed all in black. These are only a few examples. You’ll find a wide range of flavours, from the traditional pike ‘quenelle’ dumpling with Nantua sauce (made with crayfish), to the most surprising creations. You’re guaranteed to find one you’d like to try. Giraudet also make sauces, soups and ‘ravioles’, all of which are a testimony to their creativity and top-quality. What are you waiting for?


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