Jeudi Du Kiosque Benb©jp Poupon Arcom Design (2)Jeudi Du Kiosque Benb©jp Poupon Arcom Design (2)
©Jeudi Du Kiosque Benb©jp Poupon Arcom Design (2)

‘Jeudis du Kiosque’

musicians this way

THE favourite summer festival for the locals

Bourg-en-Bresse is lucky to still have its authentic 19th century bandstand. Today, it is the highlight of a beautiful French-style garden. It is only natural that it should be used for its original purpose: music!

The brass band from the iconic 23rd Infantry Regiment has now been replaced with much more festive sounds at the ‘Jeudis du Kiosque’ events.

Easy-going atmosphere

As the name suggests, these relaxing summertime concerts take place on Thursdays, at 8pm from the end of June to the end of August. The first spectators to arrive at around 7pm can take a seat in the sun loungers. The others gather on the grass in small, colourful groups. People come as a family, with friends, tourists, they call over to each other across the area and chat about the musicians. Expect to see lots of smiling faces and clapping hands.

Come as you are

Don’t hesitate to get up and dance to the rock, funk, electro, pop, jazz, Latino, French music… don’t miss your favourite evening. You are guaranteed to find at least one concert that you’d like to see. And it’s free.

Top tip: bring a picnic. You can choose to bring a camping table or just lay down your picnic blanket between the flowerbeds. How you spend your enjoyable evening is entirely up to you.

You’re guaranteed to leave Bourg-en-Bresse with great memories if you come to the ‘Jeudis du Kiosque’.

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