MuséeInstallé dans l’ancienne mairie-école de Cuisiat, il retrace les caractéristiques du patrimoine revermontois du XVIIIe siècle à nos jours. Son remarquable potager-verger conservatoire montre près de 650 espèces de plantes locales, anciennes ou curieuses.
©Le musée du Revermont retrace les caractéristiques du patrimoine revermontois du XVIIIeme à nos jours. |MORGANE MONNERET

Musée du Revermont

The Musée du Revermont is in the town centre of Cuisiat – renamed Val-Revermont along with the towns of Treffort and Pressiat – and the collection portrays the characteristics of Revermont heritage sites from the 18th century up until today.  The building has managed to keep the appearance of the former town hall-school in a peaceful, rural setting.


Proud to be ‘Cavets’

Venture inside the museum and you’ll be surprised to find such a varied and diverse collection including pieces portraying the work of quarries or vineyards, pottery from the Meillonnas factory, as well as items from schools and childhood. On the ground floor, the boys’ classroom is a moving sight. You’ll really feel the urge to open a schoolbook and get down to work yourself!

Desks, bags, books, clogs… everything is still in its original condition. Browse the pages of the book of illustrations and drawings, and the book with records of absences.

There are some surprising entries !

Childhood memories

Come and take a look at the family photo album, which will take you back to some of the childhood traditions that really made a mark on the social history of the region. The tour also includes toys, class photos and wedding photos from 1885 to 1939.

These collections are beautifully exhibited in a bright and educational display, including objects, photos and some interactive details. The museum is an accurate representation of Revermont’s identity, a creation from the ‘Conservation Départementale des Musées’.

Blooming Marvellous

Your visit isn’t over yet. Leave the museum on the garden side. You’ll come face to face with a vast rural space. There are medicinal plants, as well as a fruit and vegetable botanical conservatory garden with ancient varieties.  Wander around at your leisure, and learn about the beautiful flowers and plants in the wonderfully planted flower beds. You can also choose to just relax in the shade of the trees.

You’ll find more than 650 species of rare, local, curious and long-forgotten plants.

The museum’s main goals are to preserve the endangered plant heritage, showcase local biodiversity and pass on knowledge.

The museum also organises temporary exhibitions, on a range of themes.

The Musée du Revermont is more than just a museum, it’s an art-de-vivre.


From discovery to discovery

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