villageTreffort, village de caractère, une halte à ne pas manquer en famille. Ain
©Treffort, village de caractère, une halte à ne pas manquer en famille. Ain |Morgane MONNERET

You’re in Val Revermont

Val-Revermont is a new ‘commune’ which includes Treffort, Cuisiat and Pressiat.

Nestled at the foot of the Revermont, in the first foothills of the Jura mountains, it is the perfect place for family walks.

Treffort and its Savoyard past

The village of Treffort is only 15 km from Bourg-en-Bresse, and the maze of narrow, steep streets throughout the village are lined with lavish houses and winegrower’s homes, countless fountains and a traboule passageway.

In the centre of the village there is a church and château, an indoor market with impressive wooden beams, where you can still picture what life was like here in bygone days.

In the heights of the village, the fortified castle is evidence of Treffort’s Savoyard past. Nearby, the church of Notre-Dame awaits. Inside this classified historic monument, there are 29 wooden stalls.

In Treffort, you’ll also enjoy exploring the streets lined with flowers, the Plate washhouse and a beautiful, landscaped footpath. If you’re looking for family-friendly walks, pick up a copy of our sightseeing booklet.

I go to Treffort

Cuisiat and the Musée du Revermont

Musée du Revermont

Go north along the D52 for 4 km and you’ll pass by the three mountains, Montfort, Chatel and Myon. Welcome to Cuisiat and the impressive wine press, a sign of the village’s winegrowing past. Nearby is the church of Saint-Clément and a polychrome wooden statue of Notre Dame de Montfort. Finally, don’t miss the Musée du Revermont which is in the former town hall/school building. Here, you can learn all about the heritage sites of the Revermont from the 18th century up until today. In the remarkable fruit and vegetable botanical conservatory, there are almost 650 local, ancient and atypical species.

I discover the Revermont Museum

Pressiat and the fabulous mountains

3 km further north is the last village of Val-Revermont: Pressiat. Another treasure of the Revermont thanks to its church and wall paintings. The excavations at Mont Châtel have revealed an extraordinary site, dating from the 6th century. Don’t miss an opportunity to explore the iconic Mont Myon, known for its superb viewpoints and paragliding.

I’d like to…

The Revermont experience

These three villages are well-known for their beauty. Heritage sites, history, cultural treasures and events such as the Autumn Fruit Market, it’s all happening here. And don’t forget that you’re surrounded by a superb natural environment. There are hiking and MTB trails and caves for the ultimate Revermont experience.

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