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Trail-running, the ultimate outdoor sport

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already an experienced runner, on holiday here or a proud native of our beautiful land, if you are looking for somewhere to go running in the great outdoors, one of our trail-running itineraries is for you.


is a discipline that involves running through nature and over uphill and downhill sections. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise where you alternate between walking (especially on the uphill sections!) and running (back downhill!).


A few kilometres east of Bourg-en-Bresse, the Revermont mountain is the ultimate venue for trail-running. The steep hills, plateaus, forest footpaths, river crossings and sharp drops provide a diverse range of landscapes that are easily accessible.


Plus, there is really something for everyone: short distance, long distance, lots of uphill and downhill sections or fairly flat… Added to that, some views that will take your breath away… that’s if you’ve got any energy left!


Psst! All the hiking trails can be accessed by runners so don’t hesitate to ask for our hiking trail maps at the Tourist Office, at 6 Avenue Alsace Lorraine in Bourg-en-Bresse.

Do you fancy trying out the Trail-running experience ?

The permanent trail is used by O’xyrace, a ‘cross-triathlon vert’ (triathlon in an unspoilt natural environment) event that is held at the beginning of September every year at the Grange du Pin leisure complex in Val-Revermont, with 2 levels of trail-running:

  • The ‘S’ (Small) trail is a fairly easy, enjoyable trail.
  • The ‘M’ (Medium) trail is more suitable for regular and experienced runners. Now we’re getting down to serious business!

These two trails can be accessed all year round from the Grange du Pin. An opportunity to get some practice in and test your limits before taking part in the event.

O'xyrace Cross Triathlon de Val Revermont - 2019
O'xyrace Cross Triathlon de Val Revermont - 2019
O'xyrace Cross Triathlon de Val Revermont - 2019
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