Les Gorges de l'AinMont Balvay surplombant la rivière d'Ain.
©Les Gorges de l'Ain|MORGANE MONNERET

Ain River

wild yet accessible

The Ain is a spectacular river. It is around 20 km east of Bourg-en-Bresse, and the powerful waters have sculpted the limestone cliffs, creating an unspoilt, wild environment. To admire to your heart’s content.

Just take in the superb Ain Gorges

If you’re a fan of hiking, set off along the trails that run alongside the river and up into the hills. You’ll have a fantastic view of the Ain Gorges from one of the many viewpoints. Take in the atmosphere, admire your surroundings, have a picnic, and just live for the moment. The Ain River is a place that should be enjoyed to the full.

A whole host of outdoor activities

Those looking for an exciting experience, whether you’re a beginner or advanced, the Ain River has something for everyone and some fantastic surprises up its sleeve. Jump into the clear waters and whizz down the natural slides on a canyoning experience. Fans of rock climbing or via ferrata, head over to Jarbonnet rock, equipped with your harness and karabiner. In this setting that is so typical of the cliffs around Ain River, feel the rough limestone rock under your fingers, and enjoy the unique view from way up high.

Our outdoor activities

A natural treasure

There are also some little hidden treasures around the Ain River such as the cave and steephead valley in Corveissiat. This place can be summed up with the word ‘revitalising’.

You’ll be overwhelmed by a feeling of calm, while walking around this Sensitive Natural Area(ENS) and stopping to cool off under the trees.

And in the wet season, another surprise awaits you… can you here the rushing waters? The waterfall surrounded by lush greenery is a pure beauty, come and see it with your own eyes.

A whole island devoted to leisure activities

In the summer, all you want to do is have your feet in the water! At Ile Chambod leisure complex, there’s an exceptional area for swimming nestled in a valley between the lush-green cliffs. A wild environment to cool off in the clear waters, relax on the beach, spend some quality time with family or friends on stand-up paddle boards, canoes, MTBs… Or maybe you’d just prefer to go fishing? In total and utter peace-and-quiet.


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