ENS grotte et réculée de CorveissiatENS grotte et réculée de Corveissiat
©ENS grotte et réculée de Corveissiat|Pierre Jayet

Sensitive Natural Areas

8 areas to explore

The department of Ain is brimming with remarkable natural areas, recognised for their beauty, ecological, geological wealth or landscapes. To make sure the quality of these natural areas is preserved, forty of them have been labelled Sensitive Natural Areas (ENS) in the department of Ain.

There are eight places like that in our destination, that have been developed so that visitors can explore them and learn more about our surrounding environment.

Sougey Bresse woodland

in Montrevel-en-Bresse

Get the full experience of Bresse Sougey woodland with its meadows, hedgerows, century-old trees and remarkable biodiversity is set around a former Bresse farm with so-called ‘Saracen’ chimney.

Wander along the easy, fun trail around the farm and learn all there is to know about Sougey Bresse woodland.

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Seillon Forest

in Péronnas

This is considered to be a green lung on the outskirts of Bourg-en-Bresse. A vast forest area, ideal for walkers, fans of bicycle touring, runners, horse-riders, or just for a picnic in the great outdoors.

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The Etang de But

in Saint-Etienne-du-Bois

This pond is in a forest at the foot of the Revermont mountains, and is different in every season. It is sometimes covered in white waterlilies and the wildlife found here is rather atypical.

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The cave and steephead valley

in Corveissiat

Spring is the best time of year to get the most out of this natural area that is characteristic of the Jura mountains. A small footpath will lead you to a magnificent waterfall which is all the more impressive if you come at the right time of year. In this lush-green environment, the trees and moss-covered stones create a special, soothing atmosphere.

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Haute Vallée de l’Ain

This vast, unspoilt area runs alongside the river Ain with the famous Cize-Bolozon viaduct, a remarkable construction that stretches across the river. The trail will lead you to the leisure complex at Ile Chambod, or to see dinosaur fossils, making this a very pleasant and family-friendly walk.

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Etang des Paccauds and surrounding marshland

in Vescours

Private pond with some remarkable fish species and diverse wildlife.

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Etang de Bizadan and surrounding marshland

in Bresse Vallons

This marshland is brimming with life. The waters are covered in aquatic plants and the beautiful autumn colours of the forest serve as the backdrop.

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Vallon des Faulx

in Ceyzériat

This is a short easy footpath that leads to La Vallière waterfall, for a refreshing break or for a walk in the shade of the trees.

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All the Sensitive Natural Areas (ENS)

in Ain
Espaces naturels sensibles (ENS) de l'Ain - 2019
Espaces naturels sensibles (ENS) de l'Ain - 2019
Espaces naturels sensibles (ENS) de l'Ain - 2019
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