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Typical scenery of the Revermont region

In the Revermont mountains there are
some magnificent views

It would be impossible and quite frankly a bit repetitive to list them all. So we’ve decided to select some of our favourites, the must-sees, the ones with a real story to tell.

Follow us…

It’s magnificent from up there

Just like some of the legends before you, you’ll love passing from one mountain to the next, jumping over the rivers and streams to reach the little village at the bottom of the valley, or the chapel at the peak. You can dream but we are offering you a different kind of magic. The spectacular surroundings will make you feel so small in comparison, walking along the winding mountain paths, with typical vegetation at your feet and beautiful scenery all around you. Mother Nature will always be bigger than us, and that is why we love admiring it so much. Do you agree?

Charming villages and chamois

Wander along the ridges at your own pace and from the remarkable village of Meillonnas, admire the charming village of Treffort built into the hillside. Be explorers for the day up above Roissiat quarry, you might even catch a glimpse of some chamois. With the naked eye, it’s possible. With binoculars, it’s even better.


Take a deep breath

Are you sporty and looking for something exciting to do? Why not use all that energy to climb up to the peak of the Revermont mountains, the Signal de Nivigne, in the classified site of Mont Myon. Conquering the peaks, however big or small, is all about enjoying the pure mountain air, and can also be a historic experience. On the famous ‘holy hill’ of Les Conches, there is a chapel to visit as well as a superb view. In the hills of Salavre, the chapel of Saint Rémy with its stone walls and flagstone roof make for a picture-perfect setting. The chapel of Saint-Maurice d’Echazeaux and surrounding graveyard can be found right next to a fantastic viewpoint overlooking the confluence of the Ain and Valouse rivers. The Château de Conflans can be seen in the distance.

Viewpoint and memorial

From the hamlet of Arnans in Corveissiat, you can take a moment to appreciate the view from the Tête Béguine viewpoint, above the impressive Carthusian monastery of Sélignac. From the hamlet of Chevignat in Courmangoux, the Grand Brûle memorial pays tribute to the history of the 1940s, while offering a boundless and calming panoramic view.

From discovery to discovery

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